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Who’s Better: Mobile Legends VS Arena of Valor (AOV)

There is no doubt that Arena of Valor (AOV) has grabbed the attention of MOBA fans in the mobile gaming community.

They are also up against Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), arguably the most popular mobile and PC 5v5 MOBA currently.

Let’s take a look at what’s similar about them and what sets them apart from the rest!

MLBB players who are trying to play AOV should master the controls in no time because of the same in-game joystick and the 2 buttons to target minions/buildings. The lower part of the HUD (Skills, Talent, Recover and Teleport) is positioned as they are in MLBB. The loved/hated stars system for Ranked games in MLBB can also be found in AOV.

It’s a pretty straightforward system: win a game and gain 1 star (or 2 if you hit the max Brave Points), lose a game and 1 star will be deducted (or none if you hit max Brave Points). Rank up upon gaining a star after acquiring the full set of stars for your rank. The opposite applies to when you lose a star when sitting on an empty set of stars.

As with any MOBAs out there, the same frustration is still plaguing the community when they lose a star due to incompetent and AFK teammates. Talents/Heroes in both games feel familiar. That’s because they are essentially the same spells when compared to Battle Spells in MLBB only with a different name. For example, AOV’s Punish is essentially Retribution for MLBB; both these spells are used for effective juggling. AOV’s Roar and MLLB’s Fury is another example of game similiarity.

All in all, both games are pretty good, it just depends on where your friends are playing, isn’t it?

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