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What is Gear in Mobile Legends?

In the Mobile Legends game, the Anh hùng Mobile Legends work towards acquiring tools to attain victory in the ultimate battle to destroy their enemy’s base, while still protecting their own. Within this Mobile Legends 5v5 MOBA multi-player game, there is the option to purchase combat gear that will give the hero an edge on his or her opponent and a chance to advance in the levels of the game.

This gear can be purchased once the hero has entered and is active in combat. There are over 100 in-game gear items that the player who is the hero can purchase. Some of them are; the Brute Force Breastplate, the Enchanted Talisman, Dominance Ice, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, the Vampire Mallet, WindTalker, Ares Belts, Athena’s Shield, Ancient Ghostatue and others. Some of the stand-out gear items are Immortality, which has Magic Resistance and will allow the hero after dying to get HP and a shield that will absorb 300-1000 points of damage; the Magic Resist Cloak, which gives the hero the ability to block magic that has been used by an opponent; Warrior Boots, which increases the hero’s physical defense ability when he or she is attacked; Endless Battle, which has pretty much all of the elements needed in battle. It provides enhanced levels of physical attack, magic power, HP, Mana, Movement Speed and Lifesteal.

The endless Battle gear will also deal 70% true damage on the next basic attack giving the hero a faster win on an opponent and the Magic which gives the hero 30 points of magic power and the effects last 120s. Heroes who fall under the category of Marksman, Fighter or Assassin will gravitate more towards the attack gear. This will provide them with Critical Chance, Penetration, Attack Speed, Lifesteal and Physical damage abilities. That coupled with defense gear, which protects the hero from dying quickly and magic gear, which is normally used by heroes who fall under the category of Mage or Support will give any player the upper hand.

The use of these different forms of gear can give the hero the ability to be nearly invincible.

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