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En İyi Mobile Legends Stratejisi Nedir?

What’s the best strategy for Mobile Legends? Here are a few Mobile Legends strategy ideas you need to really pay attention to if you want to win.

Do not play alone, at the beginning of the game you can play alone. But after the enemy gets stronger you need your teamwork to play together to defeat all enemies.

You don’t need to practice all heroes in the game to win as you’ve just started playing the game. Take it little by little and by narrowing your vision of mastering a single character/legend. You can try all characters but then select the best based on your play-style, role, or personal preferences.

Master one hero first before mastering the other heroes. Go to the Custom Mode section, where you can try all the free heroes and choose a hero to master. If you are already master and master one hero, then you can try other Mobile Legends heroes, some Mobile Legends heroes are easy to learn for: Rafaela, Layla, Miya, Tigreal, Zilong, Alucard, Eudora, and so on.

Once you master the heroes in Mobile Legends. You can start to manage the building items used in the Mobile Legends game. The settings are in the Getting Start menu> Gear. If you are confused as to what item build is suitable for the hero you are using. You can see examples of managing building items on the Youtube or in-stream live on games.

The game is about teamwork and a good Mobile Legends strategy, as well as to play it well you need to know your role in the game and perform it. You are not only there to fight the opposing team but to fight it with team play as for the fact of you can’t handle them all alone. As for the role these are different roles in game.

If you’re the initiator in the team, you’re probably a front liner as well. Tank takes most damage in the team fight filling and supporting carries so they can perform their role. If you play this role, you must be good in decision making. You need to ensure that before starting a clash everyone is in a good position and you can win the team fight. Once you get in, your team will follow you and this is a decision between losing and winning the fight. A wrong decision will easily turn the tide of the game. As a tank, this role filled with melee fighter with defensive abilities that can sustain massive damage and crowd control to protect carries.

Take advantage of the mini-map facility, many players play without looking at the minimap. This is disturbing to your teammates. By looking at the minimap, there are some things you can know, including:

– Approximate location of the enemy located
– Attacking Lord
– Attacking Turtle
– Helping teammates
– Determine when to attack and defend

With these Mobile Legends strategy ideas, you’re bound to become a lot better at strategizing winning plans with your friends!

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