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Mobile Legends இல் காகுரா யார்?

Kagura is a powerful hero mage.

The Kagura family is the oldest and most powerful of Onmyouji, with the most powerful of all being the master of the ancestors. Kagura, as one of Onmyouji’s most potential families, has been given Seimei’s umbrella, a yin heirloom whose art is passed down from generation to generation. Legend has it that umbrellas have been perfected by the great Seimei himself using the powers of a hundred ghosts, and now his own life and wisdom can only be controlled by his rightful owner. After learning that his childhood playmate Hayabusa has headed to dawn ground to perform a dangerous mission, Kagura secretly takes Seimei’s umbrella and follows Hayabusa’s steps, hoping to be able to help him in battle.

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Arcane Boots: +15 magical PEN, uniqueness + 40 movement speed

Lightning Truncheon: +75 magic power, +30 where regen

Concentrated Energy: +70 magic power, +700 HP, unique + 30% spell vamp

Calamity Reaper: +70 magic power, +400 mana, + 10% cooldown reduction

Glowing Wand: +75 magic power, + 5% movement speed, +15 magical PEN

Blood Wings: +150 magic power, + 150 HP


1. Bring an Umbrella

Yin Yang Gathering (passive): When umbrella and Kagura become as one, then produce an Absorbing 300 shield and stun the nearest enemy. In addition, it will provide a reduction in the speed of enemy movement.

SKILL 1 – Seimei Umbrella Open: When using this skill, Kagura will throw an umbrella in the desired direction and give Physical Damage 330/385/440/495/550/605. In addition, the effects of Seimei Umbrella Open will slow the enemy’s movement by 60%.

SKILL 2 – Rasho Umbrella Flee: Kagura moves away from his umbrella to a predetermined location.

SKILL 3 – Yin Yang Overturn: With the umbrella, Kagura will issue an explosion and give Physical Damage 250/270/290. In addition, it will give effect to slow the movement of the enemy.

2. Without Umbrella

SKILL 1 – Move the umbrella from the starting place to the designated place

SKILL 2 – Kagura moves towards the skill 1 and gives Physical Damage 205/230/255/280/305/330. In addition, he will get buff as well.

SKILL 3 – Binds the enemy with a chain of umbrellas and gives the effect of slowing the enemy’s movement for 6 seconds.

Although Kagura is a mage, which basically has a weak level or endurance, it also includes a very difficult hero to catch. The reason is, of course from his skill – skills that Kagura can use as a way to escape, or attack the enemy suddenly.

So in the use of this hero, you no longer need to use Flicker’s abilities like most other mages (Gord, Aurora, Eudora).

But it would be better if you choose to use the ability Retribution, which is definitely its function is to accelerate the level of level, and also the purchase of gear because it can beat faster minions or monsters.

In addition to the retribution spell, you can also try him using my other recommended Spell below:



So later both abilities are the same – useful when Kagura use skill 1 – skill 2 – skill 3 – then directly use the spell you choose between the 2 recommendations.

Because this hero can really beat 1 hero with his combo – combo, then in terms of use of this emblem, what I recommend for you is the Magical Assassin Set Emblem.

But for those of you who do not have the set of emblems, then it’s good you just use first Set Emblem Mage.


Expand Farming (Priority Buff)

Often – Often Take advantage of Kagura’s Passive Skill

Use Combo  1 – 2 – 3

Use Combo 1 – 3 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 1

1.Expand Farming (Priority Buff)
Mage need farming?

Kagura is different from other mages like Gord, Eudora, and Aurora which takes a little longer farming time.

He can be very fast farming by first throwing an umbrella towards the monster, then skill 2 to get additional HP, as well as to monster it, then do throw umbrella (skill 1), take another, throw again, take again, and so on.

If you use spell retribution, then do not forget to use it also to further accelerate farming.

2. Often – Often Utilizing Kagura’s Passive Skill
In accordance with the Kagura passive skill above, you can use it to open war or to break down enemy concentration and formation.

3.Use Combo 1 – 2 – 3

First when carrying an umbrella, throw an umbrella kagura towards the enemy (skill 1), then when the enemy is hit and get the slow effect of the umbrella, use skill 2 Kagura to go to the enemy, and give stun to it, which then ends with skill 3 belong Kagura (when carrying an umbrella)

4.Use Combo 1 – 3 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 1

It is also in accordance with expectations, which begins by throwing an umbrella towards the enemy when the enemy is hit by an umbrella, proceed with skill 3 belonging to him, which will make the enemy tied to the rope, and will be drawn back to the umbrella after 3 seconds exposed to the rope, then after the enemy is drawn back to the umbrella that has been thrown at the beginning, it should quickly just use skill 2 to go to the umbrella, and give stun to the enemy that pulled the rope, after the enemy terstun, just use skill 3 (when carrying the umbrella) back, next continue with skill 2 away leaving umbrella by directing umbrella Kagura towards enemy again utilize skill 1 hers.

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