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Кто лучший герой поддержки в Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legend is not just ALL about the fighters and tanks only. We’ve discussed in-depth for a lot of heroes but not for hero support. A complete team must have the right composition to get a balanced match in addition to the attacker should still have a helper or so-called support hero. Wondering who are the best Mobile Legends support heroes?

‘Support’ hero is very helpful in increasing the damage and regenerate the HP team, not to mention the ability of areas such as crowd control, stun and dealer damage in killing the enemy. Hero-hero support in Mobile Legend should not be regarded merely as a ‘complementing’ role, but an important one.

Using hero Support in Mobile Legends is also a fun experience, despite what others might say: “No fight, all support :(”

Mobile Legends Support heroes are quite inconvenient even among them always banned in Draft Pick. If we look in the game Pro Player there must be one player who has a fixed role support.

1. Diggie

Although including a new hero that has not been too long released, Diggie is a support hero who is diurutan first and very reliable when playing Mobile Legends. Often a Banned target in the Draft Pick, Skill-skill has made him in nobatkan as hero Support is very helpful and troublesome opponent. Even if the opponent has a hero like Akai or Kagura he will be the main enemy of the opposing members. No wonder he is always in Banned if the opponent wants to use the services of Akai, Kagura dahn other heroes who have the skills area.

The second skill of Diggie is Reverse Time, which is able to return the opponent to the desired point quite useful in the attack and trap the opponent. Hero and escape skills like Harley will hate this skill very much. Despite being murdered Diggie can still move and use his skills in the form of a sucks telu. Immunity from the crowd control attack and give the shield for 5 seconds will be obtained team members.

2. Estes

If you already play Mobile Legends, then you will be very familiar with this Support hero. Killing Estes is very difficult. Estes’ skill is very useful for the team if only you can play it properly and support it with the right items. Healing is Estes’s main skill, and he plays a very important role in the team.

3. Rafaela

Heal, Damage and increase movement speed is complete enough Support capability is in a hero, and Hero Support Rafaela have these skills. He’s a versatile hero who is able to keep team members in battle. Skill healing and stun in Rafaela make it a savior and paralyze. He is also a very suitable Support hero when paired with a Fighter.

4. Angela

Angela is a very overpower Support hero and has great damage. Her skills are helpful to protect team members from enemy attacks. Just like any other Support hero, Angela’s presence is none other than to give her teammates support. Therefore, no wonder this hero becomes a very useful Support for the team. A similar healing skill like Estes and Rafela enough to make Angela useful in a team war. Not to mention the passive skills that add movement speed up 10% to 30% for 4 seconds and more can be given to a teammate.

5. Nana

Nana hero mage type who has role support in Mobile Legends. Mobile Legends has some hero support disabler, Disable Skill becomes the main capital nana needed in battle. Not to mention the considerable Magic Damage that he has, Nana is a good Support hero in a team, sometimes often underestimated not to make Nana hero weak, only the users are not skilled enough to play Nana combo and teamwork is not good. Excess Nana is a troublesome opponent and disable skill opponent, not to mention the gear is not much can make it quite troublesome since the beginning of the game.

6. Helcurt

Helcurt is a hero support in Mobile Legends that is powerful but not popular enough. The massive damage output and terrible late game potential of “The Shadowbringer Helcurt” are still unpopular among players of Mobile legends. Though any Pro Player will still often play it as a support lane hero.

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