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Quem é o Freya no Mobile Legends?

Just who is Freya in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang online game? She is known as the Goddess of War and comes down to the battlefield after the warriors have died, and leads them to heaven.

She is very capable of fighting and defending because she is a warrior as well. Freya comes up with her own unique moves such as a shield that defends and creates massive damage after being stacked three times.

She is well capable of landing in the middle of enemies, causing them damage, and drawing them towards her into one area. In her arsenal, she has a Tooth of Greed, which is +70 Physical Attack and a 20% Life steal with Unique Passive-Insanity: When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical life-steal, which allows her to gain health.

This skill alone allows her to create maximum destruction on enemy forces. She can also use Dominance Ice to slow down her attackers as well. You can also change her skin color as needed for various upgrades in attack and stealth. If you use wind chaser she can attack enemies with armor. The downside to this item, however is that it can only attack enemies with armor and it is useless and a waste of money otherwise, so really consider the necessity of this item and its purpose before purchasing it.

One of the more popular choices is Dark Rose because it is cheap and has more attack power as well.

Originally, the character idea for her developed from Norse mythology and she originally shared part of her development with the Valkyrie, an all women legion of warrior with great strength and power. Overall, this is a great character for anyone who is a new player just beginning to learn the ropes of Mobile Legends. She is also one of the most powerful unspoken women heroes of the game.

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