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Mengapa Mobile Legends begitu popular?

Why on earth is this game a global phenomenon? Mobile Legends is so popular because of these reasons:

It’s easy to play.

There are many tutorials available when one first launches the game. From shooting and hitting, to determining the right direction of movement, using skills, as well as to playing with another player and buying items, everything can be picked up real quick.

Game control is easy.

By having a virtual pad feature, a player can control all movement of hero or character, to walk, attack and use skills. We no need to direct our fighter to the enemy because there is a feature called auto-aim in the virtual pad that automatically adjusts the character movement that we use.

We can say that mobile gaming is a part of evolution and the innovation trends in gaming technology, whereby it gives access to games that are easily opened and portable. Many argue that you are not a gamer if you are only playing at a mobile.

Simplistic approach to MOBA genre

Mobile Legends game creates a very simplistic approach to the MOBA category, which is by far our favorite type of game to date, with very unique and challenging aspects to the table.

Doesn’t require lots of memory space

Mobile Legends size is fairly small. Not as big as other MOBA game that is about 100 megabytes. Mobile Legends can be played on mobile phones that have low specifications. Can consist of 2 to 10 players. How to activate Facebook or e-mail ID in this game so that all our friends play this game can also connect with us. If it is connected we can invite them to play together to work together to win the game and feel the excitement of this game along with equipped with chat in-game feature so that we can still communicate with teammates and opponents team.

Variety of Heroes

One of the most prominent advantages of Mobile Legends is some of their hero characters are created with different “nationalities”. There are Bruno from Brazil, Yin Shun Shin from Korea, Kagura from Japan, Chou and Zilong from China, and many more!

Fair Gaming System

Mobile Legends has a fair game system, 1 Hero cannot kill 5 enemy Hero at once easily. Unlike other MOBA games that can kill all enemies alone without the help of teammates, in Mobile Legends, you desperately need good teamwork and strategy, without which, will be extremely hard to win games in the arena.

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