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Welcome to the Mobile Legends Cheats Guide, in which our Mobile Legends game team brings you the exclusive full coverage of all the available hacks out there. Get every cheat you possibly can access via this site! These cheats and hacks often offer very attractive perks for players and are absolutely free. This makes it enticing for players to try out these cheat codes and mod apks in the attempt to obtain free diamonds, free battle points, free skins and even free heroes. Let us take a look at the various types for hacks available in the community right now. Don’t lose out on stocking up on these free diamonds, battle points and free stuff – and instead, get ahead of everybody!

Online Mobile Legends Generator for Battle Points and Diamonds

A popular option that many sites offer is the Mobile Legends generator. Such generators simply require players to enter basic information such as their Mobile Legends username and thereafter enter the amount of resources (Battle Points and/or Diamonds) that they want to generate.

Below is an example of a site that offers the Mobile Legends generator.

Unfortunately, this operation mode is often slightly scammy in nature as the site subsequently requires users to enter their email addresses and personal details. In addition, users are also asked to complete surveys as a trade-off for these resources. After painstakingly completing all the tasks that was ‘required’, the only appreciation you will get is “Thank you for your participation”. We encourage our readers not to believe in such pages and waste their efforts in completing useless surveys.

Mobile Legends Cheat Codes

For players playing the game on either PC or Mobile, cheat codes will be the easiest option to get free resources such as Diamonds and Starlight Member privilege. With no additional software downloads or jailbreaking of your device, you can simply enter these cheat codes to obtain your desired perks. While the list below is not exhaustive, we have compiled the most popular cheats that users would most likely want to obtain.

Mobile Legends Cheats for Android players:

  1. Starlight Member — QB_8lvznDdOov
  2. 5,000 Diamonds — US_YhyiHTY1kM
  3. 500 Diamonds — PS_HVSypVANFM
  4. 1,500 Diamonds — WR_0yXvdDDYxO
  5. 2,500 Diamonds — WH_tDkMw4wTEQ
  6. 1,000 Diamonds — WN_GdP8fC8pgA

Mobile Legends Hack for iOS players:

  1. Starlight Member — DL_B2cW3bUGQk
  2. 1,500 Diamonds — LT_Tgl4ktVbcd
  3. 2,500 Diamonds — BF_S1KE4JiVhq
  4. 1,000 Diamonds — EO_ccNbZa4ayH
  5. 5,000 Diamonds — TT_AZUuWyZ790
  6. 500 Diamonds — PE_lVyevb0pHa

For Desktop user playing Mobile Legends via the Android emulators, you can simply refer to the cheat codes listed under Mobile Legends Cheats for Android section above.

Mobile Legends Hack APK

Last by not least, another option that was mostly available online will be through mod apks. Although there are many different sites stating that they offer the Mobile Legends Hack APK or MOD APK, such resources are often not verified and may even do more harm than good to your mobile devices. While we do not encourage users to download such mod apk, here are some of the popular sites that offer Mobile Legends mod apk. Download them at your own risk.

Mobile Legends Hack Cheat Mod

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MOD radar hack

Mobile Legend Hack Skin Mod 2018

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