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Here is all the latest Mobile Legends updates, Mobile Legends Events, and exciting news on new mobile legends heroes! Everything to keep you up-to-date in your Mobile Legends Game!

We’ve got the latest information and news on hero characters (like the latest one, Aldous), new skins like the Spider Lily, hero spotlights and even some fan-fiction tidbits once in a while! Immerse yourself in the Mobile Legends game community here because you don’t want to be a frog in a well, oblivious to what’s going on in the Mobile Legends game.


What are Mobile Legend events? They are spectacularly exciting “events” that sometimes coincide with real-world events of today. The latest event, Bruno Cup 2018, was held parallel to the World Cup 2018! During this cute Mobile Legends event, players get to go on a world tour with their favorite heroes, earn new skins for free when they participate and win in timed mini events (country vs country), get Bruno the Hero for free and other tokens as well! Sniper Lesley also went out on a limb to look fashionable in her new skin – Cheergunner. Street soccer within the Mobile legends 5v5 MOBA map really got everyone’s heart rate pulsing. As you can see, events are not trifle little things – they are what makes the entire Mobile Legends community excited, and looking forward to the game for more!

New Heroes

New Mobile Legends updates on heroes are released quite randomly, but it’s usually on a Tuesday. The latest hero we’ve got so far is Aldous, The Contractor. Another fairly new one is Selena, Karina’s younger sister, the Abyssal Witch. Stay tuned for the latest hero updates from Mobile Legends Bang Bang! If you’d like to know more about the other existing heroes, click here!

Game Modes

There are five game modes in the Mobile Legends game. Brawl, Custom, Classic, vs AI, and the latest Mobile Legends updates addition to the game: Survival Mode.

Brawl is a 5v5 battle in a single lane. As the name suggests, it gets quick and brutal! This mode will start you off at Level 2. You won’t be able to purchase anything once you get out of the spawning zone, so keep in mind to buy all you need before you do so.

Classic is a standard 3 lane 5v5 game mode. It’s the most popular and also most played game mode for practicing new heroes and completing tasks.

Ranked is similar to Classic, except you can only join it at level 6. When you win these battles, you move up in rank, which makes it yet another popular game mode for Mobile Legends players.

In Custom, it is similar to Classic and vs AI mode. The players set themselves up against other people or against AI. Youtubers have become famous by creating custom Mobile Legends battles. The purpose and rules? Akin to Classic mode. No statistics will be affected here. You can have the freedom to adjust as many players or AI players as you want. You can choose to play four against 5 AI players, or one against 4 AI players!

Vs A.I: You can try out new heroes in this mode! It’s like a practice arena. You can also select the A.I’s level of difficulty (Normal or Simple). It works a bit like the custom mode.

Finally, the latest Mobile Legends game mode: Survival mode. Sounds like Hunger Games? Yes, it is in many ways. There are safety zones on the map (making players and competitors all be helplessly driven to the same place), freebie drops, darkness on the map, and teamwork. It’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping and heart racing!

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