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Why is Mobile Legends not loading?

People frequently have trouble getting the Mobile Legends game to load properly. “Why is Mobile Legends not loading properly??” they cry out in frustrated panic.


There are several reasons why this might be occurring. Of course, one of the main reasons is that the servers for the game are down. This might be due to the fact that the game developers are updating the game or because so many people are playing that the servers got overloaded and need to be rebooted.


It could also be loading slowly because of a problem with individual connection and Wi-Fi services. It is not recommended to try and play the game using 3G or 4G, they are not as stable as Wi-Fi connections are. If the internet is too slow or the connection is not stable, the game will not load properly. It could also be that perhaps the version on the game on this particular phone is not up-to-date. This will make it difficult to connect to the game servers. In that case, it’s necessary to update the game and try loading it again.

Uninstalling & Re-installing

If you want to see if other people are having similar problem, there are websites where you can check the global outage of access to the game Mobile Legends. On these sites are also platforms for discussion between players and game aficionados, who may be able to assist with the technical problems you are experiencing. Some people recommend uninstalling the game and clearing MLBB data on the phone.

Once you have done this, you can try to reinstall the latest version of the game from the Google PlayStore and it may load better. It appears that recent versions of the game have had a lot of trouble with loading problems and it is unclear exactly why this might be the case. Some people claim it was the VPN or proxy they were using that prevented playback.

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