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Why does my Mobile Legends game lag?

Is your Mobile Legends game lagging? We answer your burning questions about mobile legends game lag here! Here’s to better gameplay!

Ping Indicator

  1. Connection – if the ping indicator is Green then having a lag means fault is in our side. but when the ping indicator is Yellow or Red that mean check the internet connection
  2. Host – if the game host is on one continent and we are another continent like Asia we will experience a lag because they are different ISPs
  3. Update – if the game is currently updating we will really experience a lag because there are many player who are updating their Game

What to do to reduce lag:

  1. Play an hour with few users.
  2. Play with friend or users locally. It will be easy for server to sync players from the same location. As it is like playing a local game than playing with random players
  3. Play with stable internet connection. Make sure that device has a priority in distributing bandwidth from the modem.
  4. Disable automatic updates. This is a common problem for the players who are experiencing sudden lag during the game. During the Update it will consume all available bandwidth so by disabling all automatic updates we can reduce the lag during playing.
  5. Play on optimized server. It is not good idea to jump from one server to another for the sake of match making. Players often select server based on the number of players available so they don’t need to wait longer, so make sure you play on the right server based in the right region.
  6. That’s mostly we can do to reduce lag (latency/ ping/ ms) in Mobile Legends! Let us know if the advice helped ūüôā