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Why does Mobile Legends crash on iPad?

Not again! My Mobile Legends crashed on iPad ūüôĀ Wondering why? We hope to shed some light on this!

Higher RAM to run

Mobile legends sometimes crash on iPad because the mobile legends need a high RAM to run and the iPad might not be able to support this. Most iPads have about 1 GB of RAM so you would need a device with higher RAM to run the game.

Apps running in background

Also, if there are apps running in the background while you are trying to play, then the iPad won’t be able to handle the load and therefore this might cause the game to crash. The contents of the game constantly need to be updated so the iPad must continuously store more and more data and it is hard for it to keep up. So what should you do?

You must go into your iPad and check the memory and space and determine if the iPad is over full of things or if there is enough room to run the game. Also, the app could be defective and it would be best to uninstall the app and reinstall it to play the game.

Outdated version?

The app could also just be outdated, and that can be fixed by looking for the updated version of the app and installing it. The iPad could possibly not have the latest version of IOS on it, which could cause crashing so the person would need to install the latest version of IOS. The iPad may just need a restart to run correctly which can be done by forcing a reboot. Changing the graphics setting to a lower limit may also help because the mobile legends app has high graphic content that can take up space on the iPad.


Mainly, the app crashes because the iPad cannot keep up with the requirements of the game and is generally incompatible. The game requires a lot of RAM and space on the iPad so upgrading the iPad is beneficial to keeping the app running and to avoid crashing. Also, don’t forget that the app needs to run on the iPad without other apps running in the background.