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Who’s the Best Mobile Legends Marksman Hero?

As of late January 2018, the current Mobile Legends marksman heroes meta contains 3 heroes

  1. Lesley
  2. Yi Sun Shin
  3. Irithel

They share a lot in common; weak in the earlier part of the game but becomes a monster late game, extremely fast farm rate, and high mobility for a marksman.

But the similarities end there. Each of them are good in certain situations.

Lesley can pick off heroes from a farther range with absurd damage and escape from basic attack heroes with her invisibility, making her the best assassinator!

Yi Sun Shin can reveal enemies and double as a fighter (His passive makes him have AoE melee attack that deals more damage) when necessary, making him the best at small fights.

Irithel has huge normal hit AoE when her ult is on with AoE defense reduction and slow, making her the best at team fights.
So, the answer? It depends on whether your team’s needs and strategy.

Example for Lesley and Irithel: Lesley would be a good mid-laner against Kagura while Irithel would be destroyed, but Lesley would be destroyed against Yi Sun Shin while Irithel would be a good mid-laner against him.