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Who’s Better? Mobile Legends VS Ace of Arenas

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is good for handheld and PC devices, and if you like to be able to play with a variety of heroes, we reckon that this is the right game for you.

Although Mobile Legends Bang Bang might not the best game on the market, it is by far better than Ace of Arenas. We would probably even give that game a really low ranking compared to MLBB. Ace of Arenas is simply a derivative of the League of Legends system.

Mobile Legends is way more original. You can join a game there rather quickly, so there is not a long wait time. What makes Mobile Legends even more superior to that of Ace of Arenas is that you can easily live stream anyone else playing the game all over the world.

Ace of Arenas is not good if you value precise controls in your game. Thus, it is also not the best game for any touchscreen device or people with clumsy fingers.

Unlike Mobile Legends, connecting with other players in Ace of Arenas is very difficult. Sometimes, the connection does not even work at all. The only good thing that we can think about Ace of Arenas is that it gives you more options if you like the heroes from League of Legends. Otherwise, we would have to go with Mobile Legends Bang Bang!