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Who is Argus in Mobile Legends?

Who’s Argus? Other than the Greek character, we’re going to let you know who is this mysterious Mobile Legends Argus hero.

Argus is the most recent hero in Mobile Legends games. He is the fallen angel in the game. He was a glitched hero in the previous version and now he is totally different in his appearance wearing silver armor and orange lights. The cost is 200,000 battle points and 20,000 Diamonds.

Argus has the highest attack speed in the game. Argus can regain health on physical damage but not on magical damage. The awesome thing about Mobile Legends Argus is that he uses his 3D skill, which is really superb.

Mobile Legends Argus is extremely powerful. He relies on swift and uses strong attacks on enemies. With his ultimate skill he can act as an invulnerable tank and an excellent carry at the same time. Once Argus is fully charged his power doubles and become terrific.

The Argus has three main skills namely: Demonic Grip, Meteoric Sword, and eternal evil.

Mobile Legends Argus uses his mobility skill, which is Demonic Grip. With this grip, he is able to strike the enemy very badly after recharging. His mobility eliminates the gap between him and the enemy. Argus has the ability to transform himself into a fallen angel Eternal evil.

When the Demonic blade is fully charged, Argus can launch two basic attacks at once. With the Meteoric Sword Argus can make the enemy bleed for five precious seconds.

There are six items suitable for Argus in Mobile Legends. Scarlet Phantom item: To get additional physical attack and strike speed. Boots wizard: To improve his mobility. With Haas Claws, Argus will get 10% additional lifesteal. The Windtalker item will increase the speed attack. Use the items well for legendary attacks.

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