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Which Mobile Legends Hero is the Best?

Many would agree that playing as a Tank is probably the least popular role among Mobile Legends players. So it’s not surprising that you would be forced to be the Tank every once in a while. But remember, Tank heroes have high endurance and hold one of the most important tasks — to be at the forefront of the team, protecting your teammates while also being a huge threat to your enemies.

Now, the strongest hero for that Tank role is Akai.

Since his rework, the Panda Warrior actually has a decently thick HP bar and, on top of that, is equipped with a very useful skill for a Tank. In fact, you can jump towards your enemies with your 1st skill, Thousand Pounder, and combo it with your ultimate, Hurricane Dance, as an engage-stance and constant damage threat.

Top that off with your 2nd skill, Blender, and Akai now becomes an even scarier physical damage threat with your increased attack damage on marked enemies.

We wouldn’t say Akai or Panda Warrior is the best Mobile Legends Hero, but they come pretty close!