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When did Mobile Legends Season 7 End?

According to a message board in the Mobile Legends official website, Mobile Legends season 7 ended at the end of March, 2018.

The Mobile Legends website does not give an exact day or time, but rather describes that season 7 would end shortly after February 2018.

It also goes on to say that each season has a lifespan of three months. Message boards indicate that mobile legends season 6 ended in December of 2018.

Therefore, if each season is three months, it would make sense that season seven started in January of 2018 and would have ended on the last day of March 2018.

Also, the Mobile Legends website says that season 8 began the first week of April 2018, which also indicates that season 7 ended the last week of March 2018.

It does sound like we’re truly sleuthing it out, aren’t we?

Sadly, there is no clear information on this to be found on the Mobile Legends website, and all of the other information available is on various message boards. This means the information may not be correct, but message boards seem to be the most extensive source of information on this topic. Message boards that discussed this topic were found on reddit, mobile legends forum, steelmit, and Facebook. Most message boards discussed what rewards and rank each season included instead of being concerned about start and stop dates.