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What is Spell Vamp in Mobile Legends?

It might sound great for Alice the Mage in the Mobile Legends Hero, but it’s better to just get some tank items.

Spell Vamp item is, generally speaking, a waste of gold and there are better items with better passives that can actually make a difference. We’ve tried it on Karina and she loses HP while gaining, and at the end, we realized it is better to just recall.

If they raised it to 50%, it would make a big difference but that would make Mobile Legends heroes like Gord and Alice OP with their AoE DoT. It’s better to just remove the item or make more items with different attributes that have it so it can be useful. 28% spell vamp will get you nowhere and full Spell Vamp items are just a ‘troll’ build.

It’s a useless to low stat-item that you shouldn’t stack or buy items for. It’s pretty much a “Life Steal” but instead of being from a basic attack, it is from spells and it is meant to be a Mage’s way to regain health, but overall it is better to just get other damage items.

If you play Mage, remove spell vamp items. Along with Spell Vamp, we advise against getting Concentrate Energy and Heavenly Feather… They’re by far the most useless items (at least to us) in the game.