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What is Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends, also known by its alternative title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is a popular video game.

More specifically, it takes the form of a multiplayer online battle arena game, which is abbreviated as MOBA. A unique contribution to the gaming industry, Mobile Legends and other members of the MOBA gaming category were uniquely designed for mobile phones, even though they have the versatility to also be played on one’s personal computer if one wishes to take a more traditional approach to game platforms. Download it for PC here!

In Mobile Legends, like many other MOBA games, teams are formed in order to battle against one another in a competitive spirit. Each team has five players total, adding up to ten players across two teams. In turn, each of the players on each team must control a particular avatar. An avatar is known as “hero” in Mobile Legends. Each player is responsible for controlling the hero from their own device, so when played on one’s mobile phone, a player can bring the game with them into any part of their daily life, whether on the train to work or at home.

In Mobile Legends, there are two opposing teams, which must fight each other in order to reach the enemy’s base. Once they reach the enemy’s base, the objective is to destroy it. This must be accomplished while one defends one’s own base, thus requiring efficient multitasking and collaboration between members of the same team. Teams essentially battle for control of a path, consisting of three “lanes.”

In Mobile Legends, these three lanes are known as “top” lane, “middle” lane, and “bottom” lane. Together, they connect the bases. Computer controlled characters on the weaker end are called “minions” in the game. These minions emerge at team bases. After spawning, the minions follow the three lanes in order to reach the opposite team’s base. Along the way, they fight against enemies and turrets. This combination of game features makes Mobile Legends a particularly fun 5v5 MOBA game.