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Pros and Cons of a Tank Hero

Contemplating to use a tank hero but unsure if you should? Here are some pros and cons of tank heroes!

PRO: High Health Point

The pros for using Tank heroes in Mobile Legends is that he has high health point, but low attack. Tank heroes are generally quite easy to play, so it’s a great character for newcomers to the game to use. You have more time to react in getting out of situations with Tank heroes. This makes it easier for new players to learn how to play as they play. Less split-second decisions, low kill rate, and less need to be dominant in order to play this character makes him a desirable choice, especially for newbies.

PRO: Great Build Items

Tank heroes use build items that are more defensive like higher armor so that people can’t do as much damage to them. This hero is not slushy in the sense that he doesn’t die easily. He outlasts damage makers by sheer brute strength and might.

PRO: The Sacrificial Hero

In team fights, a tank hero is essentially taking all the damages. This skill of a tank hero works especially well when he attacks in the front of the formation, thus protecting the other players. Since each player has a role and a variety of characters are important to winning the game, the tank heroes are needed to protect those who can cause the greatest damages in the game. Without tank heroes, these damage makers would die early and your team would eventually lose. Tank heroes are essential for the victory of a team, so he is a player that all teams want definitely want to use.

CON: Limitations in game tasks

The downside is that the tank hero is not able to dominate the game by himself or herself. You aren’t able to do as much damage with a tank hero as with other damage makers.

CON: Slower

Another disadvantage of using tank is that it is slower to move around the map.

Go on, try using a tank hero today!