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Pros and Cons of Marksman Heroes

Marksmen are probably the most standard yet necessary characters in any modern game. If you’re deliberating which heroes to add into your repertoire and the marksman is one of them, then hopefully this article on the pros and cons of marksman heroes will help you make your decision better!

Pros and Cons of Marksman Heroes

PROS: They are comparably the strongest class when it comes to dealing damage. They’re not as weak as their fellow assassins in terms of health points.

CONS: It’s not easy being very skillful with marksman. Why? You need to know about game positioning, and sneaking prowesses. Unlike Tanks or Assassins which are able to be on “auto-pilot”, marksmen need to aim and position themselves very well. If not, their highly critical damages will be wasted on misfirings and other careless mistakes. Also, it’s necessary to train your marksmen to a very high level if not they won’t be as powerful as you hope for them to be.

All in all, marksmen are great heroes to play – but very hard to become extremely adept in unless you focus and train well. Precision, accuracy, and strategy are their pillars, unlike other more scattered player forms like Tanks or Assassins or Fighters.