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Pros and Cons of Assassin Hero | All You Need to Know

One of us on this team believes that assassins are always the best class in any Mobile Legends battle! Since we’re on the topic of Assassins, we’ll be discussing what the pros and cons of assassin hero are!

One of the best parts about the Assassin hero is that they can go from a 0 to a 100 in damage – that’s really fast.

According to an online poll, Hayabusa is the most popular assassin hero, followed by Fanny, Karina, Natalia and Zilong. Why pick assassins?

PROS: Agile, very accurate in killing enemies, disabling moving targets (as they try to replenish HP). They are very mobile. At their worst, they are opportunistic hunters who have no time for nonsense. They go straight to the heart of the matter – and are well recognized for their artful killing style and the way they position themselves.

CONS: They have low health points. Their hits cannot miss because it takes a lot out of them to get a critical shot. They have high damage but lower health points than Fighters (yup, and obviously Tanks).

Yup, so these are the pros and cons of assassin hero all listed here. Do you need to read about the guide of all heroes? Click here. Cheats and hacks for Mobile Legends are available here as well.