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Mobile Legends Underrated Heroes

What comes to mind when you hear “Mobile Legends underrated heroes”? Perhaps not a lot comes to mind, but these two are often underrated. Their names are Alice and Lolita.

Mobile Legends underrated heroes: Alice

She has no interest in climbing ranked. People would assume she is lacking mobility, but that’s not the whole picture. One of her best assets is the ability to engage and disengage very easily with her first ability, “Flowing Blood”.

On top of that, her ability to root/slow down her second ability “Blood Awe” makes landing her ultimate Blood Ode power really destructive.

Mobile Legends underrated heroes: Lolita

Lolita is yet another underrated hero. As a Tank, she is able to hard engage and lock down multiple enemies, like Franco does. But how does she supersede that? Lolita offers a deceptively strong shield and immense early game pressure. Unlike Franco, what Lolita lacks in chain crowd control abilities, she makes up for it with “Energy Rocket”, her first ability. She also has an amazing capability to negate tons of damage with “Protective Shield”, her second ability.