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What is Mobile Legends Tier List?

The website ( offers guides and ranks all the heroes using a Mobile Legends tier list that goes from S+ (best) to C (worst). In Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games there are frequent updates and changes in every aspect of the game, especially in the playable characters (known as “heroes”), since the competitive scene represents a huge part of the game experience players need to know the heroes that got stronger or weaker every patch.

Mobile Legends Tier List Solves this Issue

A Mobile Legends Tier list solves this problem by ranking every hero using a list that goes from the best to the worst, S+ is the first rank and the characters contained in this Tier are the strongest characters, so they must be prioritized in competitive play in order to have a higher opportunity to win.

Most heroes lie in the A+, A, B+ range (the average), and they are not too strong or too weak and can be played most of the time without caring about team synergies and compositions, these characters have skills that allow them to be useful all the time and so they get a spot in the team, and are to be prioritized when higher tiers heroes are not an option.

Ranked Tier List

From S+ the Mobile Legends tier list goes all the way down to C, the worst heroes, never reliable, often characterized by abilities that are too specific to be widely used in every game, often picked in competitive games to complement another hero, so they get left in the dark in solo play games.

Constantly updated

The Mobile Legends Tier list needs to be updated with every patch since the developers change the abilities and the stats of heroes in almost every patch to avoid getting characters that are too strong, oppressive, and unhealthy for gameplay.

The Mobile Legends Tier list is created by checking all the scores of all the heroes across ranks, with higher ranks weighting more on the decision, so every player of every rank can benefit from this list.