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What is Mobile Legends Ranks?

Wait, what is Mobile Legends ranks? Hold up. Firstly, at its core, Mobile Legends is a rank based game.

As players progress through the game, their ranking moves up.

The first time you play Mobile Legends, you start off as a Warrior. After a few months, though, playing Warrior isn’t the best idea. Why? Because you’re supposed to move up the ranks.

You have to be clear about the ranking system in Mobile Legends. You start off as Warrior, then go on to Elite, Masters, Grandmaster, and finally Mythic.

Starting out in the Mobile Legends ranks

As mentioned above, Warrior is your starting rank when starting to play Mobile Legends. You will start from Warrior III to further pass through three stages and three stars to get into the next rank. Prizes that can be obtained in this rank is 1x premium skill fragments, 1000 battle points and 100 M ticket.

The next rank is Elite. Again, you will start from Elite III to then pass through three stages and collect four stars to get to the next rank. Elite Level provides prizes of 3x premium skill fragments, 3000 battle points and 200 M tickets for you.

The next rank is Masters, and this will be harder to get a star. You still have to collect four stars and pass through four stages to advance to the next rank. For that, you are entitled to a prize of exclusive skin, 4000 battle points and 300 M ticket.

The Grandmaster rank will land you with really difficult opponents. At this level, you have to go through five stages and five stars to get to rank. Prizes per 3 months available in the grandmaster are exclusive skins, 7000 battle points and 600 M tickets.

Stages that must be passed for you who have status Epic equal to stage Grandmaster that is five stages and five stars to get to go to Legend. Prizes available at the Epic level are exclusive skins, 12,000 battle points and 1000 M tickets.

The true legend is the highest in the Mobile Legends rank before the last update. For that, again you have to fight through five stages and five stars to get to the last rank. The prizes for you legends are exclusive skins, 20,000 battle points and 1500 M tickets.

Mythic is the top rank in Mobile Legends. You can be proud if you have Mythic status. In fact, you can get a Glorious Mythic title if it could be the top 50 players on the server. The prize for a Mythic is an exclusive skin, 20,000 battle points and 1500 M ticket.

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