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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Is This A Pay-To-Win Game?

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Game is one of the popular PC games available today. It’s a 5-vs-5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) action game whose goal is to destroy the other team’s main tower inside their base. Each team has five players working together to win. Although the game is fun and entertaining, a question haunts new players about competitive games: is it pay-to-win?

In some games, spenders would just constantly make purchases to have an unfair advantage over everyone else. But is it the same with Mobile Legends Unblocked? Do spenders have an advantage in this game over free-to-play players? This is what we’ll look at in this article.


Does Spending in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Provide Advantage?

MLBB is a free-to-download game. But like most games, it offers in-game purchases. In the game, you can buy diamonds and new skins or unlock skills. While these are also available for free, you will have to grind and win rewards first. When you spend money, you could easily get the advantages and even buy as many as you want.


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But is being able to buy this provide spenders an advantage over non-spenders? Yes, they do. 


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

However, it’s not an unfair advantage like in other competitive games. At best, the chances of winning battles increase. However, the game still prohibits spenders from dominating the game.

One major reason for this is that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a team game. The success of winning matches, especially ranked ones, will boil down on how good the entire team is in working together.

In cases where one good player racks up the skills for his team, they would still lose the overall battle. If the other team has a good strategy at defending their base while also pushing the other team back, then they will more likely win.


Skills Matters in Mobile Legends PC

Another major reason why spenders don’t have a big advantage is the fact that this game emphasizes more on the players’ skills. Mastering the use of a hero will give you a bigger advantage than spending money to unlock hero skills or getting the latest heroes. You will know how to properly use the hero in any situation and skew the battle towards giving you an advantage.

Even when using only the free heroes, you would easily defeat the newer heroes if you are skilled enough. Chances are higher when the owner hasn’t learned how to properly utilize the hero yet.


So Is Mobile Legends Pay-to-Win?

The answer is no. As long as you are skilled in playing the game, and you have good teammates, your chances of winning will always be high even as a free-to-play gamer.