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What is Mobile Legends Build?

The purpose of Mobile Legends build is to significantly increase the capabilities of your hero by giving a bonus to a stat (Attack, Movement Speed, Armor, etc.) or by unique effects that will give your Mobile Legends hero the edge in battle.

Equipment can increase a hero’s offensive or defensive capability depending on which items you buy for your hero. All the items in Mobile Legends are sorted into five categories: Attack, Magic, Defense, Movement, and Jungle.

Attack items are items that give bonuses to stats like physical attack, attack speed, critical strike chance, lifesteal, etc. The purpose of attack items are to maximize the amount of physical damage you deal to enemy heroes. First, you need to understand your hero. Every hero has a specialty, and a good build maximizes that hero’s specialty. For example, Lesley specializes on high-damage critical hits while Miya specializes on attack speed. Both heroes are marksmen but their specialities are quite different from each other.

Learn your hero’s specialty so you will have a better understanding of what items will benefit that hero. Do some research. Read up on all the different items and learn the pros and cons of X item compared to Y item. Nearly all items have unique passive effects that help your hero during battle.

You need to understand those passive effects as well. Check out other players’ builds. When changing the equipment build of a hero, you also have the option to check out “Pro Builds” and “Hot Builds”. Take advantage of that; observe the builds of other players, and if you see an item frequently used by plenty of players then there’s a high chance that that item suits the hero well. If you are using X hero in a match and the enemy team is also using X hero, you could check their build during or after the match and compare their build to yours.

Maybe that person is using an item you aren’t. This also applies if an ally is using X while you are using another hero; during or after the match you could observe their build. If you have the time, you could also watch the live stream of top global players and observe their build. Take every opportunity to compare builds of different players so that you will at least have an idea of what item best suits your hero! Make sure to build items that complement your hero.

Now, it is time to create your own Mobile Legends build! Apply what you’ve learned from studying the different items and from observing the Mobile Legends build of other players. What do I mean by items that complement your hero? There are certain items that work incredibly well with a hero’s skills and it is good to take advantage of that.

Karina, for example, has a passive skill that allows her to deal true damage and the magic item Calamity Reaper allows the hero to deal true damage after a skill has been used. This works well with Karina’s passive since it allows her to deal plenty of painful true damage.

Another example would be Hylos, who’s second skill deals continuous magic damage and slow effect. When paired with Dominance Ice, an item that slows enemies around the hero, can slow the enemy even further and make it more difficult for them to escape and easier for your allies to pounce and strike.

Test out your new build. Play a couple of matches with your new build and observe your performance. Ask yourself: “Was I dealing a lot of damage (compared to my old Mobile Legends build)?” “Was I able to get kills more easily (compared to my old Mobile Legends build)?” And if you were playing a tank hero, ask yourself: “Was I tanky enough to absorb the hits of the enemy team’s damage dealers?” “Was I able to defend my teammates while staying alive?”

If you’re unsatisfied with the results of the test games, you could tinker with your build and shake things up. It could be as simple as changing the order of some items or swapping X item for Y item.

BONUS TIPS! Have pre-made Mobile Legends builds prepared for different situations. You have the option to have up to three pre-made builds for each hero, which are three different situations you can prepare for. You will always be playing against different heroes which will always create a different scenario. Find it difficult to wear down enemy heroes? Maybe you need to build physical/magical penetration. Enemy hero has an assassin that deals lots of damage? Maybe you need more armor/magic resist. Always experiment with your builds. Never stop looking for the perfect build.

The meta is constantly changing and to keep up with it, you need a good build that allows your hero to survive against newer heroes. Keep observing the builds of other players and compare it to your own. There is an endless amount of possibilities with a large number of items. Go wild! With enough practice, you’ll get the hang of creating your own builds and gain more confidence. Have fun tinkering with your equipment builds!

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