MLBB Tier List – Mobile Legends Explosive Tier List of 2022

Are you ready to immerse in explosive battles with your team? If so, Mobile Legends Bang Bang will bring you to another level of uniquely-engaging MOBA game. There’s a massive pool of heroes to try, different roles to play, and a vast map that will make clashes more exhilarating. Apart from that, you can enjoy quick matchmaking and gameplay. That means you get to play many rounds of enthralling action-packed battles as many times as you want. If you want to know the best heroes to use, read on to know the best MLBB tier list.

Once you start playing Mobile Legends, you’ll only have a few selected heroes to use. Once you progress and earn coins, however, you can unlock stronger heroes in the game. You can also buy them from the store using diamonds. New Mobile Legends heroes are always more expensive to entice you to spend more coins. There are instances however that you don’t want to spend most of your hard-earned coins buying every hero that comes out. Especially if you’re unsure about their abilities and playstyle. So, with the help of our hero tier list, you’ll have an idea of which heroes are the best that you might want to consider buying in the future.

The Best Champions in Six Different MLBB Tier List

Before anything else, you’ll want to pay attention to the role that you like to play and the overall composition of your team. Firstly, you need to adjust and use a suitable hero that could counter your enemies and complement your teammates. So, without further ado, we give you the best Mobile Legends tier list for the first quarter of 2022.

Mobile Legends Assassin

The Assassin class is composed of heroes who like to pick on vulnerable enemies. They can be challenging since they’re fragile. You need to execute skills expertly to hunt down their prey successfully. They need to invest their high burst damage to the right enemies to turn the gameplay around. For Tier S, there’s Benedetta and Saber. Tier A is composed of Aamon, Hayabusa, Selena, and Lancelot. Tier B has Karina, Helcurt, and Natalia. Ling and Gusion belong to Tier C. Finally, Fanny and Hanzo are on Tier D.

mlbb tier list benedetta

Image Source: Benedetta Hero Spotlight


Mobile Legends Fighter

Fighters are melee heroes with a balanced skillset to offer to the team. They’re relatively sturdy, and their damage builds up over time, which is why they’re the perfect heroes to play the top lane. So for Tier S, we have Paquito, Phoveus, and X. Borg. Under Tier A, there are Roger, Sun, Guinevere, Chou, Jawhead, and Aulus. Tier B has Ruby, Lapu-Lapu, Freya, Zilong, Argus, Yu Zong, Balmond, Khaleed, and Aldous. Tier C is composed of Badang, Terizla, and Silvanna. Finally, Tier D has Martis, Dyrroth, Masha, Hilda, Terizla, and Minsitthar.

hero tier list paquito

Image Source: Manny Pacquiao Paquito New Skin


Mobile Legends Mage

Mages are heroes who use magic damage to dish out their enemies. They also have fantastic crowd control abilities, making them ideal when it comes to clashes. They are high-priority targets, making them vulnerable. Tier S mages include Alice and Esmeralda. For Tier A, we have Yve, Luo-Yi, Eudora, Zhask, Kagura, Vale, Valentina, and Harley. Under Tier B, there are Chang’e, Pharsa, and Cyclops. Tier C is composed of Valir, Kadita, Lunox, Lylia, and Harith. Finally, Tier D has Nana, Aurora, Odette, Vexana, Gord, and Cecilion.

Mobile Legends Marksman

Marksman heroes are ranged champions that offer serious damage. They are also known as attack damage carriers. They can push towers effectively and become increasingly powerful with the correct items as the game progresses. They’re also vulnerable, just like mages. So, it’s ideal to watch out for your positioning, especially in the early game. For Tier S, there are Granger, Beatrix, and Natan. Tier A includes Brody, Miya, WanWan, Bruno, and Hanabi. Claude, Yi Sun-Shin, Layla, and Clint belong to Tier B. Irithel, and Popol & Kupa belong to Tier C., and Kimmy, Karrie, Lesley, and Moscov belong to Tier D.

mobile legends tier list 2021 beatrix


Mobile Legends Support

Support heroes are those that support and protect their fellow teammates. They can heal them, shield them, or prevent enemies from getting to them. So, for Tier S, we have Kaja, Mathilda, and Floryn. Diggie belongs to Tier A, Angelo to Tier B, and Rafaela to Tier C. Finally, we have Faramis, Estes, and Carmilla under Tier D.

Mobile Legends Tank

Tanks are the frontlines of every clash. They are aggressive and initiate attacks because they have a bulky health pool and various skillset made to protect their allies. At the same time, they can lockdown enemies. They have low damage but can take huge hits. Under Tier S, there are Tigreal and Khufra. Tier A has Hylos, Gloo, Gatotkaca, Atlas, and Franco. Uranus, Barats, and Akai belong to Tier B. Tier C is composed of Minotaur and Johnson. Finally, we have Grock, Belerick, Baxia, and Lolita.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this 2022 hero list of Mobile Legends heroes is enough to help you choose the right one to spend your money on. Whether you’re willing to buy them using diamonds or your hard-earned coins, this tier list is your one-stop guide in making the right choice.