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Who is Karina in Mobile Legends?

Wondering who on earth is Karina in Mobile Legends? Find out more here!

Karina is a female hero in Mobile Legends. She is an assassin who is very strong. She is one that has the power to do much more damage to her opponents when their health level is low. She also has the ability to do Triple and Kenta kills due to her chain of killing potential.

Karina’s Strengths

Unlike the friendly moon elves, night levels were born into a world of darkness which casts a gloom on and twists their personalities. They offer their services as assassins to the other races, as all night elves are born killers. Karina stands out among them. She is one of the more powerful elves. She has strong powers that will inflict great damage to her enemies and their allies.

Other admirable traits are being able to farm very well and quickly as well as her use of burst damage and snowball potential.

Because Katrina is very farm dependent, as a player it might be wise to find the Hunter’s knife quickly. This will enable the player to use her ability to farm smarter and to farm quicker.


One of her weaknesses is that she has a slow escape. When confronted by her enemies this causes her to be vulnerable to her enemies upon their attack. As a player, you should be aware of this weakness and weary of the approaching enemy.

Another one of her weaknesses is that her strength can also be easily copied by others. A player needs to be smart in their actions so that the enemy does not copy what is being done and uses against them.

Within gameplay, it is also helpful that Karina has 3 seconds of immunity from basic damage. Three seconds seems like a small amount of time but is very useful to have during gameplay that allows for the destruction of her enemies.

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