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Best Mobile Legends Mage Hero: Pharsa or Odette?

Odette, Pharsa and Valir are popular choices in the Mobile Legends game series. When it comes to the best Mobile Legends mage hero, it’s a tough fight. A really close one.

There are seven mage heroes: Aurora, Odette, Eudora, Pharsa, Valir, Nana, and Gord. Odette is one of the most popular mage heroes to play in the Mobile Legends game series. But recently Pharsa has been getting a lot of eyeballs.

Comparing the two: Pharsa and Odette, we’re faced with some staggeringly close stats!

Odette is an expert in crowd control, as is Pharsa. Phrasa’s weakness is that she can’t automatically kill enemies in her Ultimate state while Odette can. Pharsa’s cooldown is only nine seconds, compared to Odette’s longer cooldown time.

So if you’re really choosing a Mobile Legends mage hero between the two, we’d suggest that you go with Pharsa or Odette!