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What are the Best Mobile Legends Items?

Some of the best Mobile Legends items are: Ancient Ghostatue, Arcane Boots, Ares Belt, Athena’s Shield, Azure Blade, Beast Killer, Berserker’s Fury, Black Ice Shield, Blade Armor, Ice Queen Wand….

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What is Mobile Legends Build?

What is Mobile Legends build? The purpose of equipment builds is to significantly increase the capabilities of your hero by giving a bonus to a stat (Attack, Movement Speed, Armor,…

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Mobile Legends Underrated Heroes

What comes to mind when you hear “Mobile Legends underrated heroes”? Perhaps not a lot comes to mind, but these two are often underrated. Their names are Alice and Lolita….

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What is Mobile Legends Ranks?

Wait, what is Mobile Legends ranks? Hold up. Firstly, at its core, Mobile Legends is a rank based game. As players progress through the game, their ranking moves up. The…

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What is Mobile Legends Wallpaper?

Mobile Legends is a fantasy epic 5v5 MOBA game. But what is a Mobile Legends wallpaper? Part of the game’s appeal is that it invites players to customize their own…

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What are Mobile Legends Events?

The best mobile legends events always start with the release of a new hero. Each of the release hero’s video posits that new experiences may be available for the gamer,…

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Pros and Cons of Marksman Heroes

Marksmen are probably the most standard yet necessary characters in any modern game. If you’re deliberating which heroes to add into your repertoire and the marksman is one of them,…

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Pros and Cons of Assassin Hero | All You Need to Know

One of us on this team believes that assassins are always the best class in any Mobile Legends battle! Since we’re on the topic of Assassins, we’ll be discussing what…

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Best Mobile Legends Mage Hero: Pharsa or Odette?

Odette, Pharsa and Valir are popular choices in the Mobile Legends game series. When it comes to the best Mobile Legends mage hero, it’s a tough fight. A really close one. There…

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What’s the Best Item Build in Mobile Legends?

What’s the best item build for Mobile Legends Heroes? Mix and match to find out more! The item build can increase a Mobile Legends’ hero’s offensive or defensive capability depending on which…

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