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Mobile LegendsのVKとは何ですか?

VK is the name of an online personal and/or private messaging feature and system with which an online game player can create a personal, private account linked to their go-to email address.

It is similar in nature to messaging systems such as AIM (America Online Instant Messaging), Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, the messaging system used in MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, and texting.

Mobile Legends is a online application game involving fantasy characters, role-play game play, battle sequences, missions, reward bonuses, and character rankings and strength statistics (which can be improved when the player in question logs hours and missions into the game, thus increasing their character’s experience points and raising their stats and ranks accordingly; this in turn makes defeating some in-game creatures and bosses much, much easier, but can also open the player up for being attacked by higher- and higher-ranked bosses and creatures the further the game player progresses through the game. While it is possible to defeat many role-playing games while maintaining a low level as far as character rank and battle stats are concerned, this makes the game exponentially far more difficult and time consuming).

One thing that many games are now exploring, including fantasy role-playing strategy games in the same vein as Mobile Legends, is the idea of blending text based and real-time verbal based communications (such as with Facebook Messenger, America Online Instant Messenger, FaceTime, and Skype) with in-game mobile cellular phone application game play, similar to how things can be done in personal computer style games such as World of Warcraft and Everquest.

That’s where the messaging platform VK comes into play. Any internet-savvy gamer can log into Youtube or other video-based webpages for an in-depth, step by step instruction manual and how-to video on how to link a gamer’s VK account to their account on Mobile Legends, thus facilitating a much more immersive and teamwork-based gaming experience.

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