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Mobile Legends हीरो कौन है?

Are you wondering who on earth is Martis Mobile legends fighter hero?

Martis is a fighter hero that has the famous characteristic of using two swords and white hair and using a black costume, much like Haseo.

Martis’ Advantages:

  1. Crowd control or can be used to control the opponent during a war
  2. Finisher or can be used to meghabisi opponents quickly at the time war
  3. Expert ganker or nice used to do ganking hero opponent
  4. Tide turner or can comeback easily if used properly
  5. High mobility because of his position that can be used as ganker
  6. Strong midgame or strong in team fight in mid game

Martis’ Weaknesses:

  1. Weak in early games
  2. Weak in the late game

Martis is a fighter hero who can be considered pretty soft for the beginning of the game and also enter the end of the game or late game phase, Martis Mobile Legends also has a problem if the opposing team has fighter like Alucard, Lapu-lapu and also Roger.

Because Martis itself is also not designed to play late game, so as much as possible if you excel in mid game, finish the match as soon as possible, along with these build gears:

***Haas’s Claw: *** This gear must be your first choice because this gear in addition to additional damage, also provides additional HP regeneration of lifesteal.

Warrior Boots: Being an option for the second gear, in addition to adding movement speed also adds to your armor. With these two gears then your early game using Martis Mobile Legends will not be too heavy.

Endless Battle: Your third gear choice as it provides almost any status boosting, as well as passive skill that can be triggered easily.

Rose Gold Meteor and Wings of the Apocalypse

Queen: Both of these gears you can build to provide additional armor and HP for your survivability.

Blade of Despair: The last gear that you should and must build, if you want to output damage from Martis Mobile Legends stay big on late game.

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