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Mobile Legends:Bang Bang 5v5 Moba


The game is a world-wide phenomenon, and rightly so. It’s dubbed unofficially as a better version of “DOTA”, and possibly the most popular game in the world, especially in Asia. It has over 10 million accounts created online as far as we know. People enjoy it for its easy-to-learn controls and easy to grasp gameplay mechanics, as well as the 5v5 moba features that make playing together with friends or online buddies overseas fun, exciting and easier.


Another beloved fact is how realistic and fair the game is: You can’t single-handedly slaughter a ton of enemies. Instead, you need to learn how to work within a team and employ strategies to defeat the enemies. Games can run from five minutes to thirty minutes or more because of the range of the intensity and difficulty of the game. There are a lot of reasons to love Mobile Legends, but also a few challenging reasons not to! You see, we play three minutes of Clash Royale on PC and we’re sort of brain-tired already. Guess we’re made for Mobile Legends instead! 😉



Mobile Legends First Blood


Heroes, Tips and Cheats

There are tons of heroes to choose from, from six different kinds of categories: Assassin, Mage, Tank, Marksman, Fighter, Support. Each of these heroes has a specific slant to one or two of these class categories. Once you understand about their skills, you need to train up your hero according to your best suited sort of gameplay. Our heroes page, filled with information on each hero’s skills, skins, best tailored items and their builds, will be able to assist you in your journey of becoming the best Mobile Legends game master! Need some help on cheats, tips or hacks? We try to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to gaining more battle points, tickets or how to get free diamonds.


Mobile Legends Wallpapers

A fansite wouldn’t be complete without a plethora of gorgeous Mobile Legends Wallpapers to decorate and refresh your mobile or PC with! We have 120 stunning high definition wallpapers available for you to download for free right in this website. Knock yourself out with beautiful wallpapers filled with images of your favorite mobile legends heroes! Now you can download free wallpaper for your mobile and PC, so that you’re constantly reminded to complete your daily and weekly quests so that you can unlock the fruitful rewards!



Mobile Legends Cooperation & Strategy


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Jump into the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang world and become the hero in your own story. Download and play Mobile Legends game for free on PC today!

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