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If you’re wondering what is MOBA, or if it is a new term for you, don’t fret. What it means is this: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena! Sounds cool, eh? The objective for MOBA games is for a team of players to compete with other peoples’ bases, and ultimately destroying them! The last team standing wins, and gets boosted in ranking. So, for Mobile Legends 5v5 MOBA battles, players can use strong units called “heroes” to compete with the opponent’s teams. Heroes have classifications, and there are six in Mobile Legends: Assassin, Mage, Tank, Marksmen, Fighter, Support. Some of the more popular heroes are Alucard, Fanny, Lancelot and Karina, but there are definitely more powerful heroes to uncover!


Some Beginner’s Advice…

In Mobile Legends 5v5 MOBA Gameplay, players start out with a set of heroes: Layla being one of them who’s great at safe distance fighting, Zilong (previously called Yun Zhao, named after the Military General in China), who excels at melee, as well as Eudora, Tigreal, and Saber. Not sure which character fits you better? As a beginner, Mobile Legends has kindly given you 1 hero of each class. So don’t hesitate to try them and see which one suits your gameplay.


Layla Mobile Legends 5v5 moba


In the Beginner Level, these two: Layla and Zilong are commonly chosen to be played with because of their versatility and ease of attacking. It can be tempting to try powerful characters and jump into the fancier looking ones, like Balmond, Miya or Bane, but it’s advisable to stick to these two popular heroes in Mobile Legends. If you need more information about the hero to make your decision who to choose, click on the hero, and this will lead you to getting detailed information about the particular hero. Look at the Hero’s skills to understand what hero you’re getting yourself entangled with for the long haul! It’s also okay to try different types of heroes to sort of know what you’re good at or what you prefer playing with.


Try not to spend too much Battle Points or Tickets in the beginning stages of the game; especially when you’re not that sure about your game direction, anyway. Sometimes, you can also acquire heroes through unlocking rewards – how exciting!


Playing solo at the beginner’s stage with “Classic Matches” can sound lonely, but it’s best that you get used to the skills, character and power wielding, as well as game functions before you try anything else more advanced. Don’t jump into queuing and competing with players who are more experienced than you are – unless you don’t mind not doing well in the match, or wish to get a feel of how other players handle their deck and how they organize their attacks. That’s how you prepare for the mobile legends 5v5 moba matches.


When you choose to play alone, you will be matched with players of your calibre, or AI controlled characters and computer bots (however, take note that this will only unlock 80% of the Battle Points in what you could earn fighting against another human player). By delving into solo mode, though, it will do you much good because you’re less likely to be killed off easily and fast without learning much. We don’t know what your Mobile Legends friends have been telling you about beginnings, but remember, learning is key at this stage.


We know we sound kind of naggy, but in order to truly maximize your battle points, diamonds and tickets, don’t haphazardly follow every impulse to purchase a “seemingly” strong hero character. Battle points and tickets might seem easy to accumulate at the beginning, but it becomes exponentially harder as you go on. Many folks who have rushed into buying several new heroes with their battle points and tickets simply because they felt they were “rich” in the earlier stages, regretted it quite a lot after. Don’t end up feeling like these unfortunate folks! Although there are no more weekly free rotation of heroes anymore, you will still get the chance to try out heroes that you do not own using the 1-day Trial Cards obtained by unlocking the chests. And if you like the hero’s skills, you can consider saving up to purchase the hero and have it in your Hero List permanently! Remember, if a great hero is purchasable with Tickets, spend the tickets over Battle Points. They are easier to earn than Battle Points are. Only if the hero is worth it, though, and only if you’re sure you know what their potential role in your deck firmly is!


Tigreal the Fallen Guard


Unlocking custom mode means you can try practising playing with other heroes. This is unlockable at level 7. In this mode you’ll be able to invite friends or add AI computer bots however you feel like practising your heroes in a safe environment. You won’t receive any Battle Points in this mode, but it’s still great for practising fighting with different heroes. You can also choose to play the Mobile Legends 5v5 MOBA map or the brawl map. Another awesome tip is to complete the Jungle Tutorial. When you do, you will get 5,000 Battle Points and a chance to try out Hilda, the Tank hero, who has high durability and ranks quite well for her offensive stance with the Art of Hunting combined with Power of Wildness.


Farming Gold: You can receive gold and level up also by killing Minions and jungle monsters. What does the gold do? It helps you buy items to equip your heroes so that they grow stronger and more powerful. Levels are another important thing to understand. Having a higher level than your opponent, but lesser in health, still puts you at an advantage to win. If your level is higher than your opponent because of farming, and though their health may be higher, there is a good chance they might still lose to you if you both engaged in battle since you will be able to inflict greater damage on your opponent. Try to increase your levels!


Try to equalize the playing field, and try not to lose/die. It’s always safer to end the game with a 0-0 score than losing with a 1-2 or 2-4 etc. As you die, you are essentially boosting and feeding your enemy with your lifeblood! Resist as much as you can to lose, and make sure you work hard on self-preservation! With that said, engaging in Mobile Legends 5v5 MOBA battles with enemies who are just about the same level with your team and you is a dangerous endeavor. Don’t engage if it’s a fifty percent chance you might win or lose, if you can help it. This leads us to our next point on picking an item called “Immortality”. When used upon death, this will cause you to be resurrected with low health – make a run for it when you get back your life, or if you’re feeling dangerously lucky – send a final surprise attack if you’re confident of killing them with little effort.


There are some main, basic strategies to employ in the beginner’s stage. Try not to be the one who dives headfirst into attacking your enemy – wait out for them to come towards you instead. Don’t just stand there and attack – try to keep on moving. The sequence for your Mobile Legends 5v5 MOBA battles can be attack, attack, move, or attack, move, attack. The bottom line is, don’t just be stationary. You can’t always control your teammates, but even the most well-meaning of them can make some pretty bad mistakes, or are pushing ahead in battle too soon and too quickly – in such cases, you should then use them as your tanks (or shields). Sounds selfish, but it isn’t. It’s for the sake of the team when you know how to make a more calculated risk now that they are taking the damage of the enemy’s attacks.


Good thing there’s a “Mute” option because being a beginner can sometimes entitle you to mockery and abuse by more experienced and proud players. Don’t let them get into your head – just mute them and carry on learning and trying your best!


The learning curve is kind of steep at first, with all the confusing skills, items, and even conflicting advice you may receive from friends or family members playing this game, but trust us, it gets better as you progress in the game. Let it be a systematic learning curve, don’t rush into it and don’t forget to have fun! Everyone wants to be at a high level, but what good is a game if it’s all about striving hard and not having any fun?


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